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When to Replace Your Boiler

Boilers are well known for their longevity, often lasting years longer than other forced air systems. Unfortunately, they cannot last forever. Eventually, your boiler will wear down to the point that you have to have it replaced. How do you know when that time is, though? Well, if you know what to look for you can find out pretty easily. We’ve outlined a number of signs that you need to replace your boiler below.


The more a boiler wears down, the less heat it’s going to be able to put out. At first, this drop in output will be too small to be noticeable. Eventually, though, the system will become worn down to the point that it will be hard to miss. If your boiler seems like it’s struggling to keep your home warm, it could be that you need a new one.


The reason that boilers tend to last so much longer than other heating systems is because they have fewer moving parts, which means fewer ways for things to break. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll never develop issues. Older boilers will have a much higher likelihood of parts breaking down, especially in groups. If you need to repair your boiler more than once every few years, you should consider replacing it.


The average boiler lasts 20-25 years. Past that point, they tend to be too worn out to operate in a cost-effective way. You can keep an old boiler working if you want, but it will probably cost you far more than it’s worth. If you have a boiler that’s older than 25 years, talk to a professional about replacing it.

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