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What Furnace Noises Mean: A Heating Guide

A proper installation, high-quality maintenance service and exceptional repair service from your professional service provider can help to ensure the efficient, effective performance of your furnace. Part of your job as a homeowner is to pay attention to your furnace and getting it the service it needs to maintain high performance levels. A lot of people ignore seemingly minor issues with their home heating systems, taking a reactive approach to its maintenance regiment. This is one of the worst things you can do to the furnace in your Woolwich Township home. Listen to what your furnace is telling you and contact the furnace service experts at SPS Mechanical as soon as you suspect a problem with your furnace.

You may notice a lot of different sounds coming from your furnace. No furnace is completely silent during operation, but the development of new, alarming sounds requires the attention of a professional. A loud, shrill noise, for instance, may indicate a problem with the motor or some other moving part in the furnace. This may be a simple case of inadequate lubrication, but only a professional service provider will be able to tell you for sure.

Some ticking and rattling is not uncommon when your furnace shuts down. It is often just the sound of various hot components cooling off, like you hear from your car engine after a drive. If these sounds seem to be growing more and more intense, though, you may have a problem requiring repair service.

Another common furnace sound is a bumping or banging from the furnace itself – not the ductwork or pipes. While loose pipes or ductwork may rattle or bang, indicating a need for tightening, a similar sound from within the furnace may be more serious. A damaged belt may be to blame, or some other component may have worked loose.

Furnace repair is never a “do-it-yourself” project. Even if you think that an issue with the operation of your furnace is no cause for alarm, you still must contact a professional Woolwich Township heating contractor to be sure. Call us to ensure the safe, efficient operation of your furnace.

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