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Watch for These Common Furnace Problems During Winter

Of all the times of year that a furnace is used, the winter is the most stressful. This is, after all, the season in which the furnace is used on a daily basis. All of that added wear and tear makes it far more likely for problems to develop. If you’re using a furnace to keep warm this winter, keep an eye out for these common furnace problems.

Failed Ignition

There are a couple of different reasons that your furnace may not be turning on. If you’re using a gas furnace, then it relies on two components to start up and generate heat. The pilot light ignites the flow of natural gas in the burner assembly, which then continues to burn it to heat the home. If the assembly isn’t cleaned often enough, it can become clogged and refuse to ignite. The pilot light can break down as well, which means that there won’t be an ignition source to start the system. Electric furnaces are a bit different, but can still fail to start if there’s a problem with the heating coil or a short in the system.

Air Handler Issues

Furnaces make use of air handlers to circulate air throughout the house during operation. The air handler is basically a large motor with a fan attached to it. In order to cope with the immense stress generated while the furnace is running, the air handler uses oiled bearings to reduce friction on the motor. These bearings wear out over time, however, causing a loud grinding sound to come from the furnace. If the bearings aren’t replaced, the air handler motor could overheat and burn out.

If your furnace is in need of repairs, call SPS Mechanical Inc. We offer comprehensive furnace repair services throughout the entire Haddonfield, NJ area.

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