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The Unique Advantages of Radiant Heat

While not many homeowners know exactly what radiant heat entails, they do know what a radiator is. Radiators are actually much older than people think, being invented in 1854 and widely used as a residential heating appliance for pretty much the entire 20th century. However, if you think a boiler and radiant heating is a heating method of the past, you’re poorly mistaken.

Radiant heating is an incredibly effective and efficient way to heat your home. There’s no wonder it’s a solution that’s been around for generations, it works extraordinarily well. But before anyone tries to convince you that purchasing a boiler or radiant heating system is the right move, it’s a better idea to be informed on exactly how these systems work and what they entail.

So, buckle up. We’re about to take a journey through the advantages of radiant heating in Sewell, NJ and discuss some benefits that you might not even be aware of!

How It Works

Before we go into the unique advantages of a radiant heating system, we ought to describe exactly how this system works. Forced-air systems like furnaces burn fuel to heat the air in your home through air vents, where a radiant heating system uses hot water produced by a boiler or electric coils that run through your floorboards. Radiant heaters radiate heat from the warmth that’s contained in the pipes or electric coils, where forced-air heater like furnaces must ventilate their heated air into your rooms.

What’s the Difference?

Now here’s where we get to the good stuff! There are several unique benefits to a radiant heating system. Let’s take a look.

  • Comfort difference. Many homeowners say that the warmth they receive from a radiant heating system feels like that of embracing the sun’s rays since the heat can move through objects. In contrast, the heat that’s produced from a forced-air system is like having warm air blown into your rooms. This can be a major difference for some people!
  • Silent operation. Tired of hearing the sound of air coming from your vents constantly? Well, radiant heaters work silently, regardless of if they’re hydronic floor heating systems that use water or electric radiant heaters.
  • Energy efficiency. These systems are incredibly efficient! Electric radiant heating systems are efficient because electricity is a cheap and clean fuel source, and hydronic radiant heating systems run efficiently because water is great at retaining heat.
  • Improved indoor air quality. When you’ve got a forced-air heater that’s blasting air into your house, that air contains dust, debris, pet dander, and other contaminants that have been sitting idly in your ventilation system. That’s not acceptable for some homeowners. With a radiant heating system, the heat radiates through electric wiring or water pipes, which means there’s no air blown around your house and your air quality will generally be better.

Radiant heat isn’t particularly new. As we mentioned earlier, it’s been around for ages. Even the ancient Romans used boiling water pipes to radiate heat through the floors and walls of their homes. Radiant heating is a tried and tested reliable heating system that has always worked incredibly well for great comfort results.

Call SPS Mechanical Inc. if radiant heating sounds right for you. Comfort at your service.

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