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Symptoms That Indicate Boiler Problems

Boilers have a well-earned reputation for longevity. They’re resistant to problems, far more so than other heating systems. This is primarily because they have fewer moving parts than other systems, and therefore fewer ways for issues to occur. However, they are not completely immune to issues. Boilers can still develop problems, and so if you own one you still need to be on the lookout for signs of an issue.

Uneven Heating

Uneven heating could indicate a number of issues with the boiler. It’s possible that you have a problem with the circulator pump, or a blockage in the pipe network somewhere. It’s also possible that there’s a leak in that area of the network, though if that were the case it very likely would be noticeable in other ways. One way or another, it will need to be investigated.


This isn’t a common problem for heating systems, but boilers are hydronic and do fall prey to it. Leaks in a boiler system are often small, though that does not mean that they are trivial. Even small leaks will grow over time, threatening the various parts that make up the system. If you happen to see a leak in your boiler system, it’s best not to ignore it.

High Bills

Your heating bills are going to rise the more you use your boiler. If your bills suddenly start rising faster than seems warranted, however, there may be another explanation for it. Have a professional examine your boiler if it starts costing much more than it normally does to operate. It could be that something is artificially decreasing the efficiency of the system.

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