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Should I Replace My Furnace This Fall?

For most of us, getting the home ready for winter consists of scheduling heating maintenance and dusting off the snow shovel. Some of us, however, will have to replace our heating systems completely. If you’re one of those homeowners whose furnace just can’t make it through another winter, you should definitely have it replaced. After all, you don’t want to have it die on you in the middle of one of the coldest days of the year. Let take a look at the signs that your furnace is not going to survive another winter.

Drop in Output

Over many years of normal use, a furnace will accumulate quite a bit of wear and tear. That wear and tear steadily decreases the efficiency of the system, leading to a drop in output. This also causes a rise in your monthly bills, as the system has to work for longer and longer periods of time to hit the target temperature.

Rise in Repair Costs

Think about the last few times that you’ve had to get your furnace repaired. How close together were the incidents? How much did they cost? Old furnaces are much more expensive to maintain than new ones for two reasons. First, the wear on the system causes parts to break down much more frequently. Second, the parts themselves are harder to replace because they may not be in production anymore. If your furnace is having frequent and expensive problems, it’s time to replace it.


Furnaces are built to last around 20 years maximum. Past that point, they start to develop all sorts of problems like the ones listed above. Even if your 20+ year old furnace is running just fine, it is probably far less energy efficient than newer models. If you really want to save money on operating costs, a new furnace is recommended.

If you need furnace replacement, call SPS Mechanical Inc. We install new furnaces throughout Haddonfield, NJ.

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