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Reasons Your Furnace Is Raising Your Heating Bills

If you’ve lived with your current furnace for at least a few years, you’ll know what to expect on your heating bill each season. You can expect a gradual rise in costs because of the price of natural gas, but if you notice a more abrupt increase in how much you’re paying each month, you may have issues with your heating system that need attention.

There are a number of reasons that a gas furnace can begin to dramatically raise your utility bills. We’ll look at the three most common and tell you what you can do to return those costs to their regular level. For the professional assistance you’ll need for a furnace that’s no longer working efficiently, call SPS Mechanical Inc. and our experts in heating repair in West Deptford, NJ.

Why your furnace may cost too much to run

  • It needs repairs: If your furnace has started to make a strange noise, or odd smells are wafting from the vents, then there may be a malfunction inside the furnace cabinet that is impairing it from efficient operation. The problem could also come from the thermostat, which will start and stop the furnace at the wrong time if it becomes miscalibrated.
  • It has fallen behind on maintenance: Your furnace requires annual maintenance from a heating technician to keep it in the best shape possible. If you let maintenance slide, the furnace will begin to age rapidly as its components wear down and dirt and dust begin to build up inside the cabinet. It’ never too late to start up maintenance again, however; if more than a year has passed, call up a heating contractor and enroll in a regular maintenance program.
  • It’s too old and needs replacement: Furnaces, with proper care, can last longer than their expected lifespan. However, they will begin to age beyond the point where repairs and maintenance will keep them working. If you can find nothing else wrong with your furnace when your heating bills start to go up, check on its age. If it has exceeded its manufacturer’s expected lifespan, then you should have it replaced. Contact HVAC installers and arrange for a new system.

Don’t think of rising heating costs as something you must simply tolerate. They are usually a sign that your furnace needs the help of heating technicians. Call SPS Mechanical Inc. for heating repair in West Deptford, NJ that will get to the bottom of why your furnace has started to elevate your bills.

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