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Reasons for Heating Repair in Haddonfield: Inconsistent Pilot Lights

The pilot light in your gas-powered boiler or furnace may be a small flame, but it serves a big purpose. Without it, the powerful gas burner that provides you with heat won’t ignite. If your pilot light starts to go out regularly, you might end up with no heat at all. With winter coming up, it isn’t a good time to have your furnace or boiler fail.

Pilot lights do occasionally go out, even if there’s nothing wrong with your heating system: a strong air gust could do it. But if the pilot light starts to fail on a regular basis, then you should get it looked at before it goes out and won’t light again.

A common reason for an inconsistent pilot light is lack of air intake. Like any flame, the pilot light needs a steady supply of oxygen in order to burn. If the area where the pilot light and gas control are located becomes dirty, or the air intake opening gets clogged, the pilot light will struggle to remain on. Regular maintenance will keep this area clean, but if improper venting is snuffing out the pilot light, call for repairs. There might be other vent problems beyond dirt.

Also watch out for low gas pressure or possibly a gas leak. Although there are occasional hiccups in gas flow, a pilot light that has to fight to stay lit may be pointing to a problem with the gas supply. A gas leak can be a potential hazard, so you should not delay at calling in help.

If you need repairs to get your pilot light burning steadily, get a professional on the job as soon as you can. SPS Mechanical will deliver high-quality heating repair in Haddonfield, NJ and the surrounding area when you need it. We’re on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Contact us today to schedule the repairs you need.

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