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Oil vs. Gas Heat

For many years, oil was one of the most common methods to fuel furnaces and boilers. Today, however, natural gas has superseded oil and now is the most popular fuel source for home heating.

Why has natural gas overtaken oil? In the oil vs. gas conflict, what tilts the scales in favor of natural gas?

We’ll explain the advantages that gas-heating has over oil-heating. If you want to make the change from one fuel to the other, you’ll need the services of a company that specializes in oil-to-gas conversion. Let SPS Mechanical Inc. handle the task for you, so you can get the most efficient and effective heating in Sicklerville, NJ.

Why you should consider converting from gas to oil

  • Gas is more environmentally friendly: If you want to “go green,” then natural gas makes for a significant improvement over oil. Natural gas has fewer emissions than any other fossil fuel when it burns.
  • Gas is more energy-efficient: Natural gas burns more completely than oil does, resulting in much less energy waste and lower bills. In 2011, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) did a test on the efficiency of gas vs. oil, and found that an average family saved close to $2,000 during a winter using natural gas instead opposed to oil.
  • Gas is more convenient: If you’re tired of having to wait for delivery of oil—and sometimes having it run out during the coldest days of the year—you won’t have those worries with natural gas, which the city pipes straight into your home.
  • Gas can give you a rebate: Because utility companies want to encourage homeowners to switch to  natural gas, many offer a rebate if you have an oil-to-gas conversion. This rebate can be up to $400, an additional savings on top of the money you are already saving from gas’ efficiency.

One company can do it all for you

When you contact SPS Mechanical Inc. for an oil-to-gas conversion, you’ll have one company handling all the steps of a complex process. We will take care of removing your old heater as well as attaching the piping necessary to bring gas from the main line into your home for your new gas heating system. We will make safety a priority at every stage of the conversion, so you will end up with a new, improved source of fuel without any worries about your safety. Call SPS Mechanical Inc. today to get started with the change from oil to gas.

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