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Now Is the Time to Convert to Natural Gas Heating

Do you still rely on heating oil to get through the winter? This means dealing with regular fees and deliveries which may or may not be as reliable as you need them to be. Of course, this may seem like your only option if you’ve relied on this system for a long time. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The friendly technicians at SPS Mechanical Inc. offer natural gas conversion so that you no longer have to worry about heating oil. Give us a call today to switch out your system in Deptford Township.

There are a couple of major reasons you may decide to convert your unit to natural gas. Natural gas is cheaper than heating oil. Furthermore, the cost of running your system may lower as well, especially if you replace your boiler or furnace with a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified system. New units use far less energy than older heating systems, and you may notice that your bills drop by as much as one-fourth. And, your new system may have fewer parts, as it won’t require additional pumps to bring oil into the system, which means it uses less energy.

Often, homeowners simply choose natural gas conversion to make life a little less complicated. In the dead of winter, it would not be ideal to run out of heating oil unexpectedly. Natural gas is reliable and safe. You’ll never run out of natural gas as the line runs directly to your home. And if the gas line is not located near the current heater location, technicians can extend the line.

Now is the best time to schedule natural gas conversion. Though it may seem to last forever, warmer weather will be here soon. And this is a great opportunity to be without heat for a length of time while technicians work on your system (though they can provide a temporary heater as well). Don’t wait until winter returns before you have to think about the hassles of heating oil again. And make sure you choose professionals as these are the only people qualified to safely work with natural gas.

Call the heating professionals at SPS Mechanical Inc. for more information or to schedule an appointment for our natural gas conversion in Deptford Township.

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