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Let’s Find the Optimal Heating Temperature


Keeping your home at the optimal temperature for maximum comfort regardless of the time of day and as efficiently as possible is the ultimate good move. Winter, in particular, in the Washington area is rough on the heating units in our homes but, most of all, on us homeowners. Let’s make heating more of an essential than a nice thing to have, and hope your unit doesn’t break down at this time.

But not to worry, heaters are better than ever, and if yours does break, there is reliable heater repair in Washington Township near you. In this blog post, we will be looking at keeping our homes comfortable while keeping utility bills as low as possible. 

So if you’re ready to realize savings, keep reading to learn more.

What Is the Optimal Heating Temperature?

The easiest and most efficient way to find your home’s optimal temperature and realize the most savings is by adjusting the temperature a few degrees every few days. By lowering the temperature down, you can gauge your family’s reaction and see whether they notice any change or not. Then keep lowering it down to a mild point where nobody is uncomfortable.  

If you can set your temperature to a lower point while still keeping your home comfortable, then you’ll save money. This is your most efficient heating temperature for your home. 

But if you would like to go a bit more scientific, the US Department of Energy recommends keeping your thermostat at around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and then turning it down by 7or 10 degrees at night. Applying this strategy to your heating will have your family at the most comfortable temperature and realize up to 10% savings in utilities. 

By regulating your thermostat during the day and night, you will ensure you’re not using any unnecessary power in heating when it’s not needed. At night you can cozy up with your blanket to keep warm, plus research shows we get a better night’s sleep in cooler temperatures. Also, lowering the heat down during the day when there is no one at home will help you get more savings. 

You need to realize that having your thermostat on full blast may not have any significant impact on your family’s comfort, but it will eat into your pocket. On the other hand, having it too low will not have ample comfort impact and can lead to heat pipes freezing up and causing breakages, again leading to expensive repairs that eat into your pocket. 

Hence, it’s best to keep your thermostat at the lowest setting that your family is comfortable and not too low to cause freezing.

Next Steps

Keeping our environments conducive for comfy living is the name of the game. But keeping them comfortable as efficiently and price consciously as possible is the more intelligent thing to do and is good for the environment. And with the information presented in this blog, you’ll hopefully find the temperature that works for your family and your pocket!

Want more information about heater repair? Then call SPS Mechanical Inc. and visit our other blog posts for additional topics and FAQs.

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