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Is Natural Gas an Option for You?

We reckon a lot of homeowners have seen the “natural gas conversion” section of our website and have been hesitant to click it. It’s understandable, when you don’t work with natural gas or oil systems every day, it can be daunting to know just what type of service could benefit you the most. Well, here we are to talk about what exactly this type of service is and how it could possibly help you and your home’s heating system.

To be blatantly honest, we offer these particular heating services in Sewell, NJ because natural gas is just leagues more efficient and clean-burning than other fuels like oil, and it’s a much more convenient solution than having to get your propane tank refilled every so often. We’d like to introduce you to heating solutions that are powered by natural gas.

The Sensible Choice

Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited options for fuel. Our options tend to range between natural gas, oil, propane, electricity, and coal. (Don’t even get us started on the problems with coal). Sure, you could brave the cold New Jersey temperatures with your wood fireplace, but fireplaces are mainly for aesthetic purposes and don’t function anywhere near the efficiency ratio of a quality heating system that runs on one of the other mentioned fuel types. So, if you’re looking for efficiency and affordability, your options are a little limited.

We like offering natural gas because it’s affordable, convenient, and the heating systems that run on it are increasingly more efficient with each new model that comes out. You don’t have to rely on deliveries of heating fuel, and the worry that if you miss a delivery you’ll be without heat for a terrible storm. Natural gas is readily available through a pipeline directly from your municipality.

How Much Can I Save?

Don’t just take our word for it, if you ask any of our technicians to calculate your savings we’ll happily do so. It’s relatively easy to see just exactly how much money you’d save by switching from something like oil or propane to a highly efficient, natural gas system. If you know a rough estimate of your oil usage throughout the year, a handy professional can calculate how much that costs per gallon and compare it to relative natural gas costs, giving you a pretty good ballpark of how much you should expect to save annually.

The Main Disadvantage of Natural Gas

Before you decide that a natural gas upgrade is right for you, just be aware that the only problem we come across with natural gas, is that it’s not always offered in every location. Not only that, but your home will have to be hooked up with the pipework to allow your heater to draw the gas from your municipality. Before you settle on a decision to upgrade to a natural gas furnace or boiler, make sure it’s offered in your area and that the cost for a natural gas pipeline is still within your budget.

That being said, it might be time to take the plunge into an affordable and effective heater that’s powered by natural gas.

For any other questions related to natural gas-powered heating systems, contact our team at SPS Mechanical Inc. Comfort at your service!

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