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Is My System Worth the Cost of Heating Repair?

When it comes to their heating system, Haddonfield, NJ residents can’t afford to take chances. We need reliable service when the snows start to fall and a timely repair means keeping warm and comfortable even when temperatures outside are dropping. There comes a time, however, when repair has to give way to replacement: when the costs involved are just too high to keep paying and when you need to consider getting rid of your old heater. “Is my system worth the cost of heating repair?” Here are a few factors to consider when making that decision.

  • This isn’t the first repair call in recent memory. Repairs in and of themselves are a normal occurrence with any mechanical system. Breakdowns happen and every now and again you’ll need to repair a faulty component. If repair calls become too frequent, however – if it seems like you’re constantly on the phone trying to get your unit fixed – then it may be time to think about a new one.
  • Month-to-month costs are rising. As heaters get older, they become less efficient, and even the most diligent maintenance program can only do so much to address it. You’ll notice this with a quietly rising cost of running the heater: bills that keep going up even though you’re not using the heater any more than you normally would. If your monthly costs are too high, no matter how many times your heater is repaired, a new one can be the best solution.
  • An old heater. Older heaters can still perform effectively if they’re properly maintained, but when added to other factors (such as the ones mentioned above), it’s usually a sign to send it out to pasture. If your heater is more than ten years old and shows signs of trouble, you might want to get it replaced instead of just repaired.

If you’re asking “Is my system worth the cost of heating repair?” then SPS Mechanical Inc. is here to help. We can handle repair issues of all varieties, as well as installing a new heater if you feel it’s merited. We pride ourselves on quality heating repair, Haddonfield, NJ is a part of our service area, and we can provide sound and honest advice about whether your heater is ready for replacement or not. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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