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Is It Possible to Convert My Home to Natural Gas?

Back in the day, once you chose a certain kind of heating system for your home, you were stuck with it until it was time to replace it. However, if you use a propane or oil system, you have the option to convert your system to natural gas. Handling the conversion process on your own can be challenging, as there are many steps involved with the conversion process. This is why hiring a heating services company that specializes in natural gas conversion in Sicklerville makes the process far easier. The experts at SPS Mechanical, Inc., have handled hundreds of natural gas conversions, so if you are interested in finding out more about converting your oil or propane heating system to natural gas, call us today!

Steps of Natural Gas Conversion

Some conversions may require more work than others, but here is a general overview of what to expect during the conversion process:

  • Find exact location of natural gas line – for any gas conversion to take place, it’s necessary to be in close proximity to a main gas line in your neighborhood. As such, the company will find out the location of the closest gas line to your home.
  • Survey of the site – this step entails calculating the heating load for your home, evaluating the existing heating system and determining how much gas piping will be needed for your home.
  • Coordination with the gas company – a gas load data sheet is created for the gas company and includes the following information: owner of the property, property location, the gas loads for any current gas appliances and what the gas load(s) will be for new gas appliances, and the make, model and gas requirements of the new heater.
  • Gas pipe installation – as soon as all permits are obtained, the gas piping is installed.
  • Gas pipe inspection – once all the gas piping is installed, it has to be inspected by the gas company to ensure it has been installed correctly.
  • New heater is installed – after the gas company approves the new gas piping, your new heater is installed and tested.

As you can see, handling a natural gas conversion on your own can be challenging. This is why working with experts, like the ones at SPS Mechanical, Inc., can make the difference between a difficult or easy natural gas conversion in Sicklerville. Ready to convert to natural gas? Call us today!

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