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How Water Heater Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Unit

When your boiler is well cared-for, you may not need to call for repairs for many years. Boilers are known for needing very few repairs and requiring less maintenance than other heating systems, such as furnaces. As long as you schedule annual maintenance with a technician, your unit may last for many years without any problems at all. So when you have problems with your boiler, you may be caught off guard. However, as soon as you notice any problems with your boiler, it’s important to schedule heating repair for your Woodbury home as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common reasons people call for boiler repair and why it’s important to get problems fixed right away.

  • Water Leaks: One of the most common reasons to call for boiler repairs is water leaks. This may happen for any of several reasons, including corrosion, a broken pump valve, or problems with the pressure relief valve. Water loss not only causes reduced heating ability from your system, it also makes your boiler run inefficiently. Water can also damage the construction around the boiler, so it’s important to call for heating repair as soon as the problem is evident. A technician will find the source of the problem and seal the leaks.
  • Kettling: Kettling is a problem that develops in some boilers in homes that have hard water. Lime scale builds up in the tank and may cause a number of problems. If you hear a banging sound, it may mean that lime scale is affecting the heat exchanger. Or, lime scale buildup in the tank changes the pressure. You’ll need a professional technician to de-scale the tank if this is the case.
  • Not Enough Heat: If you don’t feel enough heat or if you feel no heat at all, it could be due to any number of reasons. It may be a thermostat problem, or it could indicate low water levels, mineral buildup, or a broken pump. As any of these problems could be serious, you’ll want the problem solved right away.

Some boiler repairs may be prevented if you schedule boiler maintenance once every year with a trained heating technician. If you need heating repair in Woodbury, call on the friendly, dependable team at SPS Mechanical Inc.

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