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How to Avoid Unecessary Furnace Repair

Modern furnace manufacturers build their products with reliability and durability in mind. (As well as safety, but that’s a subject for another post.) Furnaces shouldn’t require numerous repairs to keep them operating during their estimated lifespan. You can expect an increase in repair needs as a furnace approaches the end of its service life; this is one of the warnings that you should schedule new furnace installation.

But furnace repair needs can crop up at any point. Some you can’t avoid. Most you can. We’ll give you advice on how to keep the second kind away from your furnace in Haddonfield, NJ.

Call SPS Mechanical Inc. whenever you need repairs—or help keeping your furnace repair-free.

Ways to prevent problems in your furnace

The mandatory step in furnace problem prevention is to schedule professional maintenance every year. This regular maintenance is often called “preventive” maintenance for good reason: it tunes-up, cleans, and adjusts your furnace to prevent malfunctions from starting. Maintenance inspectors check over all the components and systems of a furnace to see that everything works the way it should and age isn’t biting into it too deeply. If there are problems, you’ll have early warning to get them taken care of.

There’s an important maintenance step you can take care of yourself: changing the furnace filter regularly during periods of regular use. The filter catches debris that might enter the furnace through the return air vents, and if the filter becomes too clogged, it will reduce air flow and permit contamination to enter the cabinet and cause numerous malfunctions.

You can reduce the stress on your furnace so it won’t age rapidly with some simple adjustments to how you heat your home. It’s rarely necessary to turn the thermostat up to the furnace’s maximum (90°F for most gas furnaces). The U.S. Department of Energy recommends keeping the thermostat set about 68°F and putting on an extra layer of clothes. If that’s too cold, you can ease up into the 70s, but don’t push higher than that. When you’re asleep, turn down the thermostat. This will make your furnace work less—and you’ll save money on your heating bills as well.

Start with maintenance today

SPS Mechanical Inc. has a Total Maintenance Solution program. If you sign up, you’ll receive two precision tune-ups per year (furnace and air conditioner), priority scheduling, and a 15% discount on all flat-rate services. This is an investment in your furnace’s performance and future, and it will pay off immensely. Call us today to keep your furnace in Haddonfield, NJ running efficiently.

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