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How Safe Is a Furnace Really?


When homeowners invest in a new furnace installation in Gloucester County, NJ, this is one of the things they ask. Sure, everyone who is selling a gas furnace is going to say that they’re safe, but how can you make sure that your gas furnace is not going to put you or your family in danger?

To put your mind at ease, it’s helpful to know about the components of the system and the science of how it works. Gas furnaces are ingenious inventions because of their ability to burn natural gas at a slow and steady rate without putting your family at risk. Sure, burning gas produces carbon monoxide and smoke, but with some of the safety mechanisms we’re about to discuss, a well-maintained furnace is practically never going to leak any of those fumes into your home or around your family members.

Three Components of a Safe Furnace

In order to understand just how safe a gas furnace is, we need to do a bit of a deep dive into some of the components of the system. In fact, there are three components listed below that constantly work hard to keep you safe from any carbon monoxide, gas, or other fumes that might try to leak from the system. Just make sure that you invest the time and resources into your furnace to keep these components in good shape.

The Flame Sensor

First, there’s the flame sensor. This component detects if there’s a flame or heat inside your gas furnace to make sure that it’s burning the gas that’s entering it. If there’s no flame or heat, the sensor will immediately shut off access to the natural gas so that you won’t have to worry about it leaking into your home through your furnace. Neat, huh?

The Heat Exchanger

How does your gas furnace burn fuel without releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere of your home? Well, with the help of the heat exchanger!

This component basically separates the toxic fumes of combustion from the clean air of your home while the burning of gas takes place. Then, it transfers the heat from the dirty air to the clean air so that the fresh, breathable air of your home is warm and comfortable.

CO Detectors

Don’t forget about carbon monoxide and smoke detectors! These are necessary elements of owning a gas furnace and they’re going to protect you each and every day by detecting any trace amounts of carbon monoxide or smoke. Even if one of the other components were to malfunction or break, which is rare, the detectors in your home would immediately start chirping away and alarming you to potential safety concerns. Make sure you get your detectors maintained by a seasoned professional!

Don’t Forget Maintenance!

One of the most important parts of having a safe furnace is undergoing safety inspections and routine maintenance on a yearly basis. Don’t forget to have this done, it’s going to be critical to ensuring that all of the aforementioned parts keep working as they’re intended to.

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