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How Often Should I Replace My Boiler?

One of the more subtle advantages to using a boiler over other heating systems is its longevity. Boilers tend to last quite a bit longer than other heating systems, primarily because they have fewer moving parts. The fewer moving parts in a system, the fewer ways there are for problems to develop. Despite these longer lifespans, however, boilers still need to be replaced every once in a while. Read on for some of the common signs that your boiler is getting towards the end of its life.

Higher Heating Bills

There are all sorts of reasons that you might have higher heating bills from month to month, during the winter, it’s usually simply because you’re using the boiler more often. Some problems can also cause the system to become less efficient, resulting in higher heating bills. Sometimes, though, the boiler is simply too worn out from years of normal use to keep up the same level of efficiency anymore. If your boiler has already been checked out by a professional and it’s still getting more expensive to use, you may need to replace it.

Repairs Become More Frequent

A boiler normally shouldn’t need repairs more than once every couple of years, if that. The accumulated wear and tear of years of normal use can cause parts to break down much more frequently in an older boiler, though. If your boiler needs to be repaired every few months, you definitely need to consider replacing it. It will be far cheaper to install a new system than to replace the old boiler one part at a time. Consult a professional before making a final decision.

If you have reason to believe that your boiler needs to be replaced, call SPS Mechanical Inc. We offer a full range of boiler services throughout Haddonfield, NJ.

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