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The Hidden Perks of an Electric Furnace

We think that sometimes electric furnaces get a bad rap. They’re overshadowed constantly by their bigger brother, the natural gas-powered furnace, which isn’t necessarily good. Electric furnaces are offered in markets far and wide for a reason, and we’d like to talk about why.

For starters, natural gas furnaces are extremely different from electric furnaces, even though they share a similar name. These differences, when pointed out, give homeowners a better clue as to why electric furnaces might actually be better systems for specific homes in our area. While you might have been told that natural gas furnaces are better for a home, an electric furnace in Sewell, NJ might actually be better for your home. Electric furnaces occupy a specific area of the heating industry, and we’re going to shine a light on that today.

Want to know more? Keep reading as we get into the details.

They’re Increasingly Affordable

Electric furnaces are amazingly affordable. The materials that comprise them are quite easy to manufacture, and they’re becoming more and more commonplace. Electrical resistance, which is how an electric furnace heats your home, is actually a fairly basic process that’s created through simple means. This allows these systems to become more affordable for homeowners who just want a cheaper option to keep their homes comfortable.

Electricity is also very affordable in certain areas of the country. This makes electrical resistance a very efficient and affordable method of heating your home if it’s the cheapest form of energy you have access to!

Great for an “Off-the-Grid” Experience

It’s not fun trying to explain to a homeowner that their gas furnace needs to be hooked up to gas lines that, well, don’t exist yet. Gas line installation can be expensive, and many homes don’t even have access to natural gas lines. This can be a huge hassle and a disappointment for homeowners who mistakenly believe that burning natural gas is the only way to heat a home.

Thankfully, electric heaters work wherever there’s electricity. That means pretty much any home in America can run an electric furnace. This is good news for any homeowner who was worried about their off the grid home or cabin being unable to use furnace technology.

They Work Well

There’s this misconception that electric furnaces work way less efficiently and effectively than their natural gas burning counterparts. While we might understand why this misconception exists, since people have different ideas in their heads for what happens inside an electrical and gas furnace, we’re here to dispel it. Electrical furnaces work great for specific types of homes.

In fact, if you’re looking to be comfortable and budget-friendly trying to heat a home that doesn’t have access to natural gas, an electrical furnace will feel great. Most homeowners don’t notice the difference between the heat that comes from a gas furnace and the heat that comes from an electric one. So, to make a long story short, focus on where the electrical furnace shines and don’t worry about whether or not it will feel worse.

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