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Heating Tip: How to Prevent Energy Loss

You need a good heating system to keep your home cozy home during our chilly winters, but often come with high energy bills to boot. We’ve come to expect that as the price of staying warm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The key is to keep your heater as efficient as possible, while ensuring that your home has the ability to retain the heat generated. Here are a few tips on how to prevent energy loss.

Schedule a maintenance session with a trained professional to clean your heating system. Over the summer, dust and dirt can build up on the interior components, and fittings can become loose. This can result in a nasty surprise when you need the heater to function and it cuts out. A technician can clean the dirt away, tighten any loose connections, and spot any larger issues in need of addressing. This will help prevent larger repairs, as well as ensuring that your heater is functioning at maximum efficiency.

The next step is to look after your home.  If your home is leaky or poorly insulated, you’re going to lose energy just when you need it the most. You can prevent that by spotting and sealing any leaks around your doors and windows. If you can, see about adding more insulation as well. It will help keep the heat inside (and cold inside in the summertime, just for good measure).

For more ideas on how to prevent energy loss in your home, or to schedule a maintenance session with your furnace, contact the Woodbury, NJ heating pros at SPS Mechanical to help. We deal with heating systems of all varieties and can handle maintenance, repair and installation services with courtesy and professionalism. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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