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Grinding Sounds and Haddonfield, NJ Heating Repair Needs

We have long cold winters, and a reliable heating system provides us with cozy respite from the cold and snow. When a heater goes down, we need to get it back up and running again quickly. In particular, grinding sounds can indicate serious problems with your heater. Where do those sounds originate and what’s the connection between grinding sounds and Haddonfield, NJ heating repair needs?

Obviously, a grinding sound should not occur in a unit that is operating as intended. The noise usually stems from metal grinding on metal, a serious problem that could cause considerable damage to your system. A bent or misaligned component could be the cause: something in the fan motor, a blower fan with a loose fitting, or the like. In some cases, an outside element may have entered into the heater. A stick or twig, for example, can fall in through the exhaust vent and rub up against the rotating fan. There may also be a loose bolt or screw rattling around in the interior of the heater, which can cause a grinding sound if it gets caught between two components.

Regardless of the cause, it indicates a significant problem with your heater. It doesn’t have to be an expensive problem – a loose bolt, for instance, means it simply needs to be removed – but if left unchecked, it can cause much more damage than it might otherwise. That turns a small repair into a much larger one very quickly. If you hear a grinding noise, turn off your heater and contact a service technician to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Luckily, you have a company close at hand that handles Haddonfield, NJ heating repair needs. The experts at SPS Mechanical are standing by. Call us today and set up an appointment; we’re ready to help you with repairs, replacement and any issues connected to your heater.

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