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Deep Winter Heating Tips: Keep Your Heater Working!

We’re now in what we would consider “deep winter,” which means the coldest and harshest points of the winter. Soon it will get better, but a lot of us have had malfunctioning heaters so far that are starting to buckle under the pressure. All the stress and budgeting focused on your heating in Sewell, NJ can be overwhelming.

So we’re here to help with some tips. We know that whatever we’re about to say might be things you’re already doing, but if your heater is struggling no matter what you do, then it’s time to call for professional repairs. There’s no shame in admitting where you need the steady, well-trained hand of a pro.

For those homeowners who are just looking to finish out the winter strong and keep their heaters not just working, but working well, then keep reading!

Set a Reasonable Temperature

When we say reasonable, what do you think we mean? If a reasonable temperature for your home in the winter is a warm 76°F, then you might be running your heating system into the ground. When talking about the longevity, efficiency, and effectiveness of your heater, it’s going to need to run at an optimal temperature. You might set your thermostat to 76°F, but your heater may never make it there and it will try as hard as it can to do so. The harder your system works, the more likely it will suffer a breakdown.

Energy.gov mentions that setting your thermostat to 68°F during the day, and a few degrees lower at night, is a great way to save money on energy costs and reduce the load on the heater. As long as it’s working properly, you can wear a sweatshirt or take a warm bath to help stay warm without overworking the heating system.

Replace the Air Filter

Air filters are vital for the longevity of your system. The longer your heater works without a replacement of the air filter, the more trouble it’s likely to see. This component is responsible for filtering out contaminants that would otherwise damage the interior parts of the system. So, if you’re looking to ease the load on your heater and keep it from breaking down, this is a great place to start!

It’s Never Too Late for Maintenance

Maintenance is a vital service that we offer, and we hear of many homeowners who think they’ve missed their chance. Unless your heater has broken down and it’s beyond fixing, it’s never too late for maintenance. Call us and see if we can schedule an appointment to check on your system, assess its condition, and provide minor adjustments and repairs to make sure it works at peak performance.

Unblock Vents

Some homeowners think that blocking certain vents to rooms they don’t use will improve efficiency or heat things up faster. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, blocking vents will just make the heater work harder and will make the reading on the thermostat more inaccurate. Your heater was built to heat the entirety of your home. If it can’t do that, then we need to talk about repairs or a replacement.

Don’t hesitate to get your heater repaired by the team at SPS Mechanical Inc. Call us today. Comfort at your service.

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