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Our Comprehensive Heating Safety Checklist

We’re moving into the dead of winter, which means your heater is working day in and day out. While we want our homeowners to know that heaters operate incredibly safely, we also don’t want to lie: gas furnaces can become a safety hazard if they’re neglected, ignored, and improperly maintained. Just like a fireplace can become dangerous, a gas furnace can quickly become a problem for your family’s safety if you’re not vigilant.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go anywhere else to find the information you need. We’ve got our very own comprehensive heating safety checklist right here. We’ll make sure your heating in Glassboro stays comfortable while your family remains safe. There are steps you can take to make things better. Just remember to take good care of your heating system, so it takes good care of you.

Step 1: Do Regular Maintenance

While yes, you should call our team for preventive yearly maintenance, there are still things you can do as a homeowner for your furnace. You can replace the air filter every few months to make sure it’s got plenty of airflow and nothing starts stressing out the system. You can also clear out a couple of feet of space from the system so you’re absolutely certain that nothing flammable is nearby. This helps ensure your furnace runs without the risk of something bad happening down the line.

Another thing you can do is clean off the dust or dirt that’s collected on the system over time. Sure, our team will take care of the interior components, but you can still help dust it and make sure it looks good as new, year after year. Just make sure you don’t open it up and start messing with the components inside.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Detectors Are Working

If you’ve got a gas furnace, then chances are likely that you’ve got smoke detectors and CO detectors in your home. If not, that’s something you’ll want to invest in ASAP, so you’re not at risk for a safety hazard.

For those of you that do have detectors, make sure they have batteries in them and are in good condition. If you’ve encountered any problems with them, like them going off sporadically or strange flashing lights, then you should definitely call for a professional to inspect them. These systems are the first line of defense against hazardous fumes in your air.

Step 3: Stay Vigilant

Once your heater is cleaned off, maintenance is scheduled, the air filter is replaced, and your detectors are in good shape, then you should be good to go! The only problem going forward is if you find something wrong with your system that needs to be fixed.

Be on the lookout for strange noises, smells, improper operation, poor efficiency, and poor heat output. These can be easy to read as clues that your heater needs to be checked by a professional. If your heater has exhibited these symptoms before, or they’re currently happening, then the safest option for you and your family is to call for our help!

Contact the pros at SPS Mechanical Inc. for prompt heater repair. Comfort at your service.

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