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Benefits of Using a Furnace in Cherry Hill, NJ

Is a furnace the right choice for getting your home all snug and warm for this coming winter? It may very well be, since furnaces offer some great advantages.

We’ll list some of the benefits you can expect from a Cherry Hill, NJ furnace that’s at work for you. But keep in mind that there’s no automatic answer for your home’s heating needs. The type of furnace that’s best for you—if it turns out that a furnace is the best option—is something you’ll need expert advice on before you make your choice.

The top benefits of a furnace:

1. They work with existing ductwork

If you already have ductwork for central air conditioning, than installing a furnace will go smoothly; furnaces use forced-air to send heat through ducts, and they can share the same ductwork that your AC uses.

2. Flexibility

Furnaces come in a dizzying variety of types, models, and sizes. You should have no trouble finding one that matches your fuel availability and will fit into the space where it will work best.

3. Increased efficiency

Furnaces used to have poor energy efficiency compared to other heating choices—but this has changed, and the government now requires furnaces to have a minimum AFUE rating of 85%, which means they returns 85% of the energy they receive as heat. Most models available today have AFUE ratings greater than 90%.

Get professionals in on the installation process before you even pick out your heating system. You don’t want to make a mistake with a decision this important to your home comfort. When you choose to have SPS Mechanical install your furnace in Cherry Hill, NJ, you’ll get top quality work from trained experts. We offer flat-rate pricing and an excellent maintenance program, our Total Maintenance Solution. Let us take care of your worries for heating your home!

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