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Are You Still Using Oil to Heat Your Home?

Oil has served many homes for decades as a source of heating during the cold months. However, with the prices of fuel today, oil is increasingly a less desirable option. If you still have an oil-burning boiler or furnace, you should consider freeing yourself from the grind of getting the tank filled up and paying unnecessarily high bills for fuel and instead switch over to natural gas. It’s not so arduous a process as you might think; if you hire experts with oil-to-gas conversion process, the job will go quickly and without mishaps. In no time you’ll enjoy the many benefits of natural gas.

At SPS Mechanical, we specialize in performing oil-to-gas conversions. Contact us for excellence in Cherry Hill, NJ heating services.

Here are a few reasons you should consider ending you oil dependence switch to natural gas:

No more running out of oil

If you’ve ever experienced a time when your oil tank runs dry on a frigid day when need it the most, then you know how inconvenient having a limited fuel supply is. Natural gas comes right to your home through pipes; you won’t run out, and you won’t have to wait for delivery.

Improved efficiency

Here’s a fact that should open your eyes: In 2011, the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) found that the average U.S. homeowner paid $732 to heat their homes with gas during the winter. Homeowners using oil paid $2,535. The reason for this difference is that oil does not burn as completely as natural gas, leading to larger waste. You can expect high savings on your yearly energy bill with gas power.

It’s domestically produced

If you’re interested in reducing the U.S. reliance on foreign oil, then you should consider natural gas because it is a domestic product.

Tax rebate

To encourage homeowners to shift from oil to natural gas, some utility companies offer rebates to people who make the change. These rebates can be as high as $400, which adds onto the savings you’ll receive from natural gas’ higher efficiency.

The benefits of using natural gas over oil will more than offset the price you pay for the conversion. The energy savings will start appearing immediately, on your very next power bill. Don’t hesitate: there’s no reason to stay with oil when you only have to make a phone call to SPS Mechanical to start the conversion process. We can bring you better, more efficient heating in Cherry Hill, NJ. Schedule an appointment today so we can assess how best to bring natural gas power to your home.

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