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Alternatives to Oil and Propane Heating

blue-question-markThe cost to heat your home with oil or propane is only rising with each year. Across the nation, natural gas is the cheaper, cleaner alternative. But even if you don’t have access to natural gas, you can still benefit from switching to electricity.

In this post, we’ll explain why switching to gas or electricity is more convenient, along with advice on which heating system you should use for those fuel sources.

Why Make the Switch?

Although propane and oil heating can be effective, they’re not nearly as convenient as natural gas and electricity. Most of it has to do with the fuel source itself:

  • You have to rely on the delivery of oil and propane (or you can go get it yourself).
  • Storage is required through an unsightly storage container that takes up space on your property.
  • You will eventually run out and need to refill your container.

Use Electricity or Natural Gas Instead

On the other hand, electricity and natural gas are two common fuel sources used in a wide range of heating systems.

  • Virtually “unlimited” fuel sources. You can use as much as you’re willing to pay for.
  • No storage required since they feed directly into your appliances.
  • Both fuels are cleaner and more efficient.

Your Alternatives to Oil and Propane

Some of the systems that use oil and propane also have natural gas and electricity configurations. With the combined convenience and efficiency of natural gas or electricity, switching to these other systems is a great choice.

  • Furnace: When running with natural gas, furnaces are incredibly effective heaters. Natural gas is an inexpensive fuel source. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to natural gas and might not be able to use this as an option. And while electric furnaces are an option, they’re not ideal for every homeowner.
  • Heat Pumps: If you’re not able to use natural gas, the heat pump is a great alternative. These systems use electricity far more efficiently than other electric heaters. Heat pumps also come with both heating and cooling modes, making them perfect for year-round operation.
  • Boilers: If you’re using an oil system, you most likely have a boiler already. Natural gas provides equal heating without the inconvenience of needing a storage tank or to have oil delivered.
  • Radiant Heating: A type of heating that offers comfort and warmth unmatched by heat pumps and furnaces. Available in both natural gas and electric options.

How to Proceed With Conversion

If it’s time for you to make the switch, you’ll need the help of a heating services expert in Deptford Township, NJ. Regardless of whether you’re switching to natural gas or electricity, the oil and propane components on your property will need to be removed. How easy or difficult that is depends on how it was installed in the first place. Naturally, a storage container that’s buried under the property will be more complicated that one that’s above ground.

To get started on converting your oil or propane system, speak with one of our experts. Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. today and request an estimate.

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