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A Leaking Boiler: 3 Common Causes

So, you’ve investigated your boiler system and you’ve come to realize that it’s leaking. Perhaps it was the plethora of puddles that sat underneath the system or the various pipes connected to it. Or, maybe it was the “drip drip drip” that you could hear coming from the basement in the middle of the night. Regardless of how you found out, it’s happening and it needs to be fixed.

Boilers are reliable heating systems, but they can run into unique problems that other heaters don’t, like leaks. Just because your boiler is leaking, doesn’t mean the whole system is shot, but the cause could be one of many things.

First of all, we recommend doing yourself a favor and calling our team for boiler repairs in Sewell, NJ. That’s a great start and it will ensure that your system gets fixed by a professional. Next, read on to uncover why your boiler might be leaking!

The Three Main Causes of a Boiler Leak

Let’s get one thing straight, if anyone out there thinks a boiler is supposed to leak, then they’re wrong. Many people opt for furnaces or other heating systems because they’re scared of leaks, or they’ve watched movies with a leaking boiler, but the truth is that boilers can go 20 years without a leak quite easily. It’s faulty or broken boilers that leak, just like any heating system can leak, but a boiler can leak water.

So, when your boiler starts to leak, we want to urge customers not to panic. Things will be okay as long as they get the issue addressed by a professional.

The Pressure Is Too High

Have you ever seen a cartoon with a boiler that’s about to explode? These can often be crude carricatures of how a boiler actually looks or operates, but one thing is truthful–boilers can be overpressured. The water inside of a boiler system is pressurized so it can flow easily. This also allows for the boiler to not have any air or steam, since the water is kept at the precise pressure necessary to flow freely without overheating.

However, when pressure gets too high or too low, things get weird. A boiler with low water pressure is going to have a hard time keeping your home warm as the temperaturecan get lowered and the water can have a hard time flowing.

When the pressure is too high, the water can get too hot and it can also start rupturing the pipes as it needs to relieve some pressure. This can be a source of leaks.

Pipe or Tank Corrosion

If your boiler’s pipe or tank corrodes, then it can start to leak. This is because the pipes weaken as they corrode, leading to water finding new ways to break through the seal and leak in your home.

Make sure you have your boiler system and your pipes inspected to ensure that it’s not corroding. If so, a leak is practically inevitable.

A Broken Seal or Faulty Component

There are many seals and components required for a boiler to operate securely. If one of those components breaks, or a seal is broken, this can lead to leaks. It’s simple but it still requires professional support.

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. for help with your leaking boiler.

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