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Yes, Your Heat Pump Needs Maintenance Twice a Year

If you use a heat pump to keep comfortable all year round, you may have heard that those systems require more maintenance than the traditional climate control system. This is true, but it often goes ignored by homeowners who think annual maintenance is enough. Let’s take a look at the importance of preventive maintenance, and why heat pumps need it twice a year.

Maintenance and Prevention

People who don’t schedule maintenance tend to rely on warning signs to indicate when there’s a problem with their heat pump. The problem with this is that it is insufficient for preventing the majority of the issues that afflict heat pump systems. Most heat pump problems don’t give off any symptoms unless they’re quite far advanced. By the time these symptoms are actually noticed, it’s too late to prevent the majority of the damage. Scheduling preventive maintenance allows your HVAC technician to find and fix problems before they have the chance to damage the system. Regular maintenance appointments can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of the system.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Normally, a climate control system has just one very stressful season. For air conditioners, it’s summer. For heating systems, winter. Maintenance is typically scheduled the season before these stressful months, in order to make sure that the system is kept in ideal operating condition. Heat pumps, however, act as both heating and air conditioning systems. This places twice as much wear and tear on the system, which means that it needs maintenance twice as often. You should schedule heat pump maintenance twice a year, during spring and during fall. If you’ve missed one of these windows, you should still schedule maintenance as quickly as possible.

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