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Why Your Heat Pump Should Get Fall Maintenance

It’s almost time to shut off air conditioners for the year, as we move from summer into fall. If you have a heat pump, though, you are likely going to use it during the winter as well. One of the biggest advantages of owning a heat pump is that you don’t have to have two separate climate control systems. Along with that advantage, though, comes some caveats. One of those is that you need to conduct maintenance twice as often as with other systems. Read on to find out why you need to schedule fall maintenance for your heat pump.

Double the Stress

Climate control systems are put under a lot of stress during daily operation, which increases the amount of wear and tear on the system. That is why heaters and air conditioners are most likely to develop issues during winter and summer, respectively. So, preventive maintenance is conducted before those seasons start to protect the systems against stress/wear and tear related problems. Usually, all you need is that one annual maintenance appointment to keep your heater or air conditioner in good condition.

Heat pumps, however, don’t have just one season of heavy use. They are used on a daily basis both during the summer and winter. That means that they have to deal with twice the level of stress as other systems, which makes them twice as likely to develop problems. In order to cope with the added stress, you’re going to need to schedule maintenance twice as often. That means having your heat pump checked both during the spring and during the fall.

If you have not had your heat pump maintenance done yet this fall, especially if you skipped spring maintenance, call SPS Mechanical Inc. We provide heat pump maintenance services throughout West Deptford, NJ.

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