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The Importance of Bi-Annual Heat Pump Maintenance

heat-pumpIt’s that time again, folks. Time to get your heat pump ready for the cooling season by scheduling your spring maintenance. Yes, we know that it’s still rather chilly most days.

But, summer is not as far off as you think. If you don’t get your heat pump ready to deal with the added demand of the cooling season, you’ll be taking a big risk as far as the chances of problems developing go. Read on to find out why bi-annual preventive maintenance is such an important part of making sure that your heat pump stays in good shape at all times.

Proactive Measures

A lot of homeowners wait to call a technician to look at their system until they notice something that makes them suspicious. A weird noise coming from the system, for example, or maybe a noticeable drop in heating ability. While it’s certainly a good idea to call for repairs if you notice issues like these, it is absolutely not a good idea to ignore all other professional services.

Most heating issues, including those that afflict heat pumps, are asymptomatic until they’ve had time to develop. That means that you’re probably not going to notice that your heat pump even has a problem until it’s already had plenty of time to wreak havoc on your system. The earlier you catch issues with your heat pump, the more damage to it you can prevent. That means that your best bet for preventing damage to your system is to schedule preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance appointments involve close examination of the system, so that your technician can find and resolve any issues before they start showing symptoms. If you’re consistent about scheduling preventive maintenance, you can expect to save up to thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of your heat pump. You have to make sure that you schedule it often enough, though, which brings us to the second point.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

For the most part, heating systems are best served by having one maintenance appointment every year. This is typically done during the fall season, so that they can be in top shape by the time winter arrives. Heat pumps are different, though. A heat pump is used as both an air conditioner and a heater, which means it is under significantly more stress throughout the year than an average heater. Heat pumps wear down twice as quickly as either dedicated air conditioners or heaters as a result. If you want to make sure that your heat pump stays in good shape, therefore, you’re going to need to schedule maintenance for it twice as often.

Fall maintenance is still a good idea where heat pumps are concerned, but you should also be scheduling maintenance during the spring season. This ensures that your heat pump is properly prepared for the stresses of both summer and winter, and will keep it in better condition in the long run.

SPS Mechanical Inc. offers comprehensive heat pump maintenance services in Sewell, NJ. Contact us today for an appointment.  

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