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Ductless Air Conditioning Problems to Watch Out For

Ductless air conditioning systems have the occasional problem, just like any other forced air system. Also, like any other forced air system, ductless air conditioning problems tend to be progressive, which means that the longer the problems are allowed to develop, the more damage they are going to do. So the sooner that you identify and fix those issues, the better off your ductless system is going to be in the future. Read on to find out more about some of the signs that your ductless air conditioner is having problems.

Efficiency Drops

If your ductless system seems to be delivering less cool air than it normally does, or is staying on for longer periods of time than it should, you have a problem. This could be caused by a couple of different things. It’s possible that there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in your system, which would deprive the system of the fluid it needs to siphon heat from the air. It is also possible that your evaporator coil is iced over, which would cut it off from the air supply it needs to cool.

No Air Circulation

If your ductless air conditioner is on, but no air seems to be circulating, you probably have a blown out air handler motor. The air handler is responsible for actually circulating the air throughout the room. If one of your rooms is not getting any air, you should have that individual air handler looked at by a professional. A warning sign that your air handler motor is about to break down is a loud grinding noise every time you turn on the system.

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