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Benefits of an Energy Audit

Saving energy is not only about conserving natural resources, it’s also a way to potentially save money. A professional energy audit is a great way to diagnose and improve the efficiency of your home. SPS Mechanical has an expert team of energy specialists who use a variety of equipment to measure your Sewell, NJ home’s energy usage and discover ways you can improve your energy-efficiency. We’ve put together a few of the benefits of energy audits to raise awareness of how important it is for homeowners.

What Happens During An Energy Audit?

Common energy audit services include using a blower door test to assess the integrity of your ductwork. A blower door is a large fan mounted on an exterior door which pulls the air out of your home and lowers the air pressure. The high pressure outside air will then seek out even the smallest leaks and cracks in your home. This test determines what improvements can be made to your home insulation, ductwork or window and door seals in order to improve your air quality and energy-efficiency. SPS Mechanical will also take a close look at the insulation in your attic. This is one of the major areas of heat loss. In the winter, your hot air will go right through your ceiling if your attic is improperly insulated. In the summer, hot air will sit up in your attic and seep into your home.

Benefits of An Energy Audit in Sewell, NJ

In general, an energy audit is an essential step to take in order to improve your home. Here are some benefits of an energy audit:

  • Save between 20% and 30% on your heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduce your environmental impact.
  • Maximize your home comfort.
  • Save on electricity bills.
  • Increase the value of your home.

With such great benefits, a professional energy audit makes a lot of sense. You can not only save money but also improve the comfort of your home as well as reduce any negative impact on the environment. For more information about getting an energy audit in Sewell, NJ, call SPS Mechanical today.

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