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Benefits of Using Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating isn’t a new development; Iceland has heated homes for hundreds of years using the heat from volcanic fissures on the island. However, it is only recently that homeowners in the U.S. have started to take advantage of advances in technology that bring the heat from the earth itself right into their living rooms.

Geothermal heating uses coils buried in the ground around a home to transport the earth’s stable heat to an indoor air handler. Essentially, a geothermal system is a heat pump that uses the ground instead of the air as its medium for exchange (i.e. a “ground-source heat pump” as opposed to an “air-source heat pump”). They offer some substantial benefits to homeowners. If you are interested in geothermal heating in Haddonfield, NJ, contact SPS Mechanical Inc. today and speak to one of our specialists.

Some geothermal benefits

  • Stable heating: Air-source heat pumps have trouble extracting heat from below-freezing outdoor air—something that happens often in New Jersey. But below the earth’s surface, it maintains a steady temperature of around 55°F, so a geothermal system encounters little trouble providing sufficient heat no matter how cold it gets outside.
  • Energy efficiency: Although some homeowners shy away from the initial cost of installing a geothermal system, they often pay for themselves over time—and will last a very long time. Geothermal systems only use a small amount of electricity to extract heat from the ground, and can return six times the amount of energy they use in heating power. This can mean large savings from your energy bills.
  • Clean energy: If you are interested in heating that doesn’t damage the environment, then geothermal is one of your top options, since it creates almost no emissions.
  • Quiet operation: Most of the activity in a geothermal heat pump occurs underground, so you will have little in the way of noise pollution to deal with.
  • Safety: Since geothermal power does not require the burning of any fuel or create any emissions, they are among the safest options for heating.

Professional installation is key!

Geothermal systems require an elaborate installation process that places the coils down into the ground. This work requires specialists—and you should have them involved in the process from the beginning, since they will also be able to identify if your home will benefit from geothermal heating. (It isn’t suitable for every location.)

Choosing to go geothermal is a big step, but SPS Mechanical Inc. is available to make it as pain-free as possible. We’ll also make sure your installation is done correctly so you will enjoy all the advantages of the technology. Contact us today to get started.

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