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Is a Home Performance Evaluation the Same as an Energy Audit?

Have you been looking to save some money on your utility bills recently? If so, you may have been mostly searching for ways to cut back on some of the components of your home that utilize the most energy. But limiting essential appliances like heating and air conditioning systems or a washing machine or dryer is a terrible way to save some money, leaving you uncomfortable and without some near necessities for the home.

When you’re looking to save a lot of money over the course of the next year and beyond, many contractors recommend scheduling a home energy audit. But if you’re having trouble locating a company for the job, there’s something you should keep in mind: a home performance evaluation is the same thing.

To schedule your home performance evaluation today and find out where your home is losing energy, and to learn more about our comprehensive energy audits in Deptford Township, call the experts at SPS Mechanical Inc.

What Happens during a Home Performance Evaluation?

During a home energy audit a professional will examine your home in order to help you discover which areas can be improved to help you to save over time. There may be a number of factors contributing to excessive bills. You may have too many minor leaks and cracks in the house, poor insulation, or outdated HVAC equipment, but in any case you’re almost certainly spending at least a little more than you need.

A home performance evaluation generally begins with a blower door test. During a blower door test, every door and window in your home is sealed shut, and a large fan is placed in the front door to lower the pressure inside of the house. After, professionals can use a tool to detect where air is leaking and can let you know where any sealing is required.

After the blower door test, the technician may also perform one of many different services including a thorough inspection of the parts of a home that are prone to energy loss. You may discover that you could use some insulation to keep your home comfort system from becoming overworked. In the majority of homes in the U.S., a lot of energy is also commonly lost in leaky ducts. And a home performance evaluation can also help you discover if your ducts are contaminated and require a routine cleaning.

Speak with an SPS Mechanical Inc. technician to schedule one of our comprehensive energy audits in Deptford Township today.

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