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If Your Drains are Doing These Things, It’s Time for Some Professional Service

DrainDrains are among those parts of the home that pretty much never get the respect or care they deserve. That may sound a bit Rodney Dangerfield for a plumbing blog, but it’s actually a serious issue that afflicts drains across the country. Drains are a vital part of keeping your plumbing system running properly. If they’re not properly maintained, they can eventually develop all kinds of nasty issues that will contribute to some hefty repair bills. Fortunately, if you react quickly to potential drain problems you can usually head them off before they get too damaging. The following are some common signs that you should call a professional to take care of your drains as soon as possible.


Do you ever take a look under your sink to make sure that nothing is leaking? If not, you should. Beyond just being annoying and a waste of water, leaks are capable of causing serious water damage. Even a small leak can rot out the entire area underneath it over a long enough period of time, if it isn’t dealt with promptly. If you spot a leak in your drain pipe, regardless of how small it is, you should have a professional plumber seal it for you to prevent things from getting any worse.

Slow Drainage

Drain clogs are among the most common types of issue that can damage drains, not to mention being supremely annoying to deal with. Drain clogs don’t form suddenly, usually. Instead, they’re created by waste sticking to the walls of the drain pipe over time and slowly building towards the center. This will restrict the flow of water through the pipe, causing it to drain more slowly than usual. If your drains are not draining as quickly as they normally do, that might be a sign that it’s time to call for drain cleaning services.

Bad Smells

This is an especially common symptom with kitchen drains, as they often deal with food waste. As waste builds up in the drain and begins to rot, it can give off a deeply unpleasant odor. If this is happening with one of your drains, you should definitely have a plumber look at it and see about cleaning it out. Please note, however, that if this is happening in multiple drains in your home, it might be due to a more serious plumbing issue that is located deeper down in your sewer system.

It’s Been Longer than Two Years

You don’t need to schedule drain inspection and cleaning services every single year under most circumstances. However, you definitely shouldn’t be putting it off for longer than two years in a row. Drain problems can often be tough to spot until they’re more advanced, and you don’t want to give them the opportunity to cause any more damage before being dealt with. If it’s been longer than two years since your last drain appointment, it’s time to schedule another one.

SPS Mechanical Inc. provides drain repair and cleaning services of all kinds in Sewell, NJ. If you need help with your drains, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

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