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3 Ways Video Pipe Inspection Saves Money


Video pipe inspection is awesome! It’s like something out of a spy movie: a tiny camera is slipped through a narrow space, and the hero can discover all the terrible things that would otherwise remain hidden. In this case, the hero is your plumber, and the terrible things are happening inside your pipes. Is video pipe inspection a service you need for your home? Will it be expensive? No, in fact, it can save you money! Here’s how.

The way that these tiny cameras are most often used is to inspect the exit portion of your plumbing: from your drains all the way down your sewer line, the pipe that carries all the drainage away from your home and to your septic tank or municipal wastewater system. This is sometimes referred to as a sewer scope, and there are certain occasions when having it done could save you a lot of money.

When Purchasing a Home

If the roof of a home is caving in, or the walls are crumbling, you’ll be able to see that for yourself. But you also want to make sure there aren’t hidden problems that will turn into major expenses as soon as you buy the house.

When you have video pipe inspection done, ideally by someone you hire and not someone paid by the seller, you will know exactly what you’re dealing with. Is a tree breaking into the sewer pipe and blocking it with roots? Is there a thick accumulation of mineral scaling and food grease throughout the drains? When a major problem is identified before the sale goes through, you might decide to offer less for the home, request that the seller have the problem repaired, or have money put into escrow to cover it. 

When Problems Arise

If you have any reason to suspect a problem with your sewer line, a qualified plumber with a video pipe inspection system in Gloucester County, NJ can pinpoint that problem so it can be addressed as non-invasively as possible.

In the past, a long trench would need to be dug to access the sewer pipe, but using technology to locate the trouble means it can be fixed with minimal digging, saving your lawn from damage. It also means the job will be quicker, involving less labor and less equipment, which means it will be less expensive.

Signs of a sewer problem include frequent drain clogs, clogs in multiple drains at the same time, foul odors, or areas of your lawn that are soggy, smelly, and have unusually vibrant green grass.

When Selling Your Home

To avoid a situation like the one described above, with a purchaser lowering their offer or demanding repairs on an urgent timeline, you can ensure that your drains and sewer line poses no risk to the sale of your home. If problems are discovered, you can address them yourself, taking the time you need to have it done by a plumber you trust, rather than being rushed and having to pay extra, or accepting a lower offer on your home. 

If you think video pipe inspection might be the right choice for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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