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A New Commercial HVAC FAQ

Are you nervous about your next big commercial HVAC purchase? You’re not wrong for feeling that way. These purchases can be incredibly expensive and depending on the type of business you have or the situation you’re in, you might be operating on thin margins. When a heater breaks down in the middle of the winter, it’s an unfortunate but necessary expense to get a replacement.

If you’re scared about how expensive it might be to get a new commercial HVAC installation in Gloucester County, NJ, we completely understand. In order to alleviate some of the pressure and help you be in a better space to avoid spending any unnecessary money, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about commercial HVAC units. We’ll discuss their sizes, their types, and why you might be better of with a specific type of system over a different one.

“Do I Need the Same Type of System?”

Absolutely not. Times change, and just because you were using an old boiler system before doesn’t mean you have to again for the next few decades. Especially with the advent of heat pump technology, your commercial establishment might do better with a modular heat pump system installed on the rooftop.

Heat pumps can be both heating and cooling systems, moving heat from one location to another in a reversible process. If you’re in the market for air conditioning as well as heating, then this might be the best and most efficient purchase for your business.

“How Expensive Is Commercial HVAC Replacement?”

Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer in a FAQ. The answer we can give you is, it’s not cheap.

The budget for this kind of expense should depend on a few factors. First, depending on the system you choose, you’ll be spending more money on high-tech, high-efficiency commercial HVAC systems over older, more conventional models. Another thing that will impact the cost of your commercial HVAC system installation is the size of the unit.

“How Large Should My Next Commercial HVAC System Be?”

To figure this out, we’ll need to do a load calculation which determines the amount of air volume in your establishment that needs to be cooled or heated, which will then determine the size of your next commercial HVAC purchase. This can be anywhere from a small store-front space to an entire warehouse, but the accuracy of the calculation is still important to make sure every corner of your building remains comfortable.

“Are There Any Ways to Save Money?”

Yes! Take a look at what your local municipality, state, and the federal government are offering in terms of tax credits and other programs. Chances are likely that you might qualify for a tax credit or incentive that can help remove the burden of such a costly expense. Take advantage of these incentives and invest in a newer, more efficient commercial HVAC system. After some digging, you might find that a clear percentage of the initial investment won’t come out of your pocket after all.

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