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What’s the Big Deal With Refrigerant?

You hear that term thrown around a lot on this blog. We talk about the different types of refrigerant, how important refrigerant is to the cooling process, and why it’s so important that you get your refrigerant leak checked out by a professional. In fact, you could search for “refrigerant” in this blog and it would probably turn up in about half of the posts!

This isn’t a mistake! Refrigerant is one of the most important aspects of cooling, and it’s also one of those parts that homeowners know the least about. You know how a fan works, and you likely know how evaporation and condensation work, but not many people know about the intricacies of refrigerant.

So, in order to get a better grasp on AC repair in Deptford Township, NJ, we want to talk to you about a part that’s a little more complicated than it lets on. Let’s talk about refrigerant, and more importantly–why we use refrigerant!

What Is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a specific type of chemical that’s only really used for the purposes of cooling. Just like oil is used in a car, refrigerant is a material that is better at cooling than any other substance, which is why the race is on for each manufacturing company to come up with the most eco-friendly and efficient material around!

Refrigerant is basically a hydrofluorocarbon, which is a complex material that can transfer mediums very easily. When we say mediums, we mean between a liquid state and a gaseous state. This allows the cooling process to take place with little energy cost to us.

Why We Use Refrigerant

You probably know that your air conditioner has a component called the “compressor,” but you’ve also probably wondered what exactly the system is compressing. Well, the answer is your refrigerant!

By pressurizing refrigerant, we switch it from liquid to gas, allowing a tremendous amount of heat to get absorbed into the material. Then we use the same process in reverse to get the heat out of the substance, by rapidly depressurizing it and turning it from a gas to a liquid. This process moves heat from the inside of your home to the outside with no real waste or problem, other than the fact that it takes electrical energy.

Why Don’t We Just Use Water?

Water can go from liquid to gas easily, right? We do that all the time when we boil it or use a humidifier. So why do we use refrigerant instead of water?

While water might go from gaseous to liquid form in the same amount of time, the energy required to make this transformation is a lot higher. Think about how much time and energy it takes to boil water! This amount of energy would mean your air conditioner would run much longer, consume more energy, and barely work at all!

Refrigerant just performs the process much better, allowing your system to run with a minimal energy consumption level.

Patch Your Refrigerant Leak Today

Do you have additional questions about your refrigerant? Or perhaps you’re in need of support for your refrigerant leak? Then call us today!

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