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What Happens if Your Air Conditioner is the Wrong Size

“Bigger is better” is a phrase that is very much a part of American consumerist culture, and sometimes it’s even true. When it comes to selecting an air conditioner, though, this is not necessarily the case. An air conditioner needs to be properly sized for the home in which it is installed. If it isn’t, it’s going to experience far more problems and have a much shorter lifespan than it otherwise would. Let’s take a look at what can happen if your air conditioner isn’t properly sized.


Air conditioners are designed to operate in cycles, in which they generate a set amount of output for a period of time. An oversized air conditioner will generate so much output that the home’s thermostat will shut it down before it’s had the chance to complete its cycle. This sudden start/stop rhythm will make the air conditioner considerably less efficient than it normally would be. It will also dramatically increase the wear and tear on the system. Parts of the air conditioner will break down much more often, and the system as a whole will not last as long as it should.


An air conditioner that is too small for the home in which it is installed will not be able to generate enough cool air to reach the target temperature in one cycle. So, the system will stay on for an increasingly long period of time in an attempt to compensate. This results in the same issues as oversized air conditioners: increased wear and tear resulting in a much shorter lifespan. If you want to get the most out of your air conditioner, you need to make sure it’s properly sized.

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