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To Repair or Replace, That Is the Question!

Pardon our Shakespeare, but this might be one of the hardest questions that homeowners ask us about. We imagine it’s pretty difficult for people who have been scammed in the past by HVAC amateurs who convinced them to get rid of their perfectly functional air conditioning systems for the newest and most expensive piece of equipment on the market. After all, a good salesman should try to sell the most expensive equipment, right?

That’s wrong, or at least we’d like to think it’s wrong.

When deciding whether to replace or repair your air conditioning system, there are a variety of factors to consider. We’re not interested in making a quick buck from an unsuspecting customer, all we care about is providing quality cooling solutions for homeowners at the cheapest price. So, if you’re concerned about needing an AC replacement in Woolwich Township, NJ then keep reading!

Pay Attention

We can provide you all the expertise you need when deciding whether you should have your air conditioner replaced or repaired. However, when it boils down to actually making the decision, it’s entirely up to you. That’s why we’ve included a list of factors that could heavily weigh the decision in either direction. So, pay close attention so you make the best choice possible.

  • Age. The age of an air conditioner can say a lot about its efficiency, effectiveness, and how profitable a replacement would be. Air conditioners are generally only supposed to last 10-15 years. This isn’t just a guideline to get homeowners to buy new systems, it’s recommended for anyone who cares about keeping their energy bills low and efficiency levels high. So, if your AC is getting up there in age, consider replacing it.
  • Energy bills. High energy bills aren’t just annoying, they can be downright terrible if you’re trying to budget. Air conditioners are supposed to cool your home for a reasonable price, and if that price becomes unreasonable over the years, then it’s not worth it. A new replacement could cut your bills in half and make your future easier when it comes to budgeting.
  • Frequent repairs. An air conditioner is only supposed to need repairs every once in a while. If you’re calling a technician once or twice a year for constant repairs, then there’s something clearly wrong. Having a new air conditioner installed to replace the old one can seriously limit the repairs you call for and can ultimately save you money.
  • Increased effectiveness. It’s a simple concept—newer air conditioners just work better than older ones. As much as you might love your old system, a new one will cool your home faster and more easily. If you’re starting to get tired of the way your old system struggles, then call us today for a replacement!

There you have it! A beginner’s guide to analyzing your aging air conditioner. If you notice yourself wondering whether a replacement would be better than the repairs you’re about to sign up for, consult this list and one of our professionals for an expert opinion.

Call the pros at SPS Mechanical Inc. for professional advice. Comfort at your service.

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