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Air Conditioning Repair FAQ: Where is this Water Coming From?

Is your air conditioning system leaking water? While this is something to be concerned about it is also a very common issue that we get called for here at SPS Mechanical. Because this issue is so common, we wanted to put together a quick explanation of what can cause your air conditioning system to start leaking water. However, make sure that you call for immediate air conditioning repair if you notice this issue as this problem can cause serious water damage to your home if you continue to operate your AC system.

This summer you’ve probably taken a cold glass outside and noticed that moisture started to collect on the side of the glass in the form of condensation. This phenomenon occurs because warm air holds more moisture than cold air. As the hot air touches the outside of the glass and cools, it releases the water that it carries onto the glass.

The same thing happens when your air conditioning system pushes the warm air from your home over a series of cold evaporator coils in the indoor unit of your AC system. As the warm air is cooled, it releases its moisture onto the evaporator coils.

Under normal operating conditions, this condensation drips into a pan and drains away in a tube. But if the condensate drain or drain tubes get clogged with dust, dirt or bacteria then it can cause a clog. The condensate pan will fill with water and start to overflow.

If you start to notice that your air conditioning system is leaking water you should call for immediate air conditioning repair in Sicklerville, NJ. This issue happens slowly put can definitely cause huge problems for your home in the form of water damage.

Here at SPS Mechanical, we have years of experience fixing all different types and brands of AC systems. If you need any kind of AC repair, just give us a call today and we’ll get your equipment fixed as quickly as possible.

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