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Problems Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Catch

Keeping your home’s air conditioning system tuned-up and adjusted is important for its performance during summer. Without maintenance, your air conditioner will run less efficiently and have a higher risk of unnecessary repairs and breakdowns. Maintenance also gives you an opportunity to find out about problems developing inside your AC so you can have them remedied before summer arrives.

We hope you’ve already scheduled your air conditioning maintenance in Gloucester County for the spring. If you haven’t, give SPS Mechanical Inc. a call and ask about our excellent maintenance program.

A few issues a maintenance technician can discover during a visit

  • Dirt developing along the coils: For an air conditioner to work properly, its two sets of coils—the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser coil—must remain clean and without obstructions so they can properly absorb and release heat. If dirt and dust start to enter the cabinets and contaminate the coils, it will lead to a reduction in cooling power and could even cause icing across the indoor coil. The repair technician will detach the coils and clean them so they will not have problems.
  • A miscalibrated thermostat: One of the first tests that a maintenance technician runs is on the thermostat to see that it registers correct indoor temperatures. If the thermostat has a miscalibration of even a few degrees, it will have an adverse effect on your air conditioner’s performance, leading to inferior cooling. The technician will adjust the thermostat so it works properly.
  • Low refrigerant: The refrigerant that cycles through an AC and carries heat from the indoors to the outdoors must remain at a set level (known as its “charge”). Under regular conditions, refrigerant will not be “used up” during operation. However, leaks from broken connections or pitted corrosion along the refrigerant line can cause the charge to drop and impair the air conditioner’s performance. A repair technician will track down the leaks to seal them, and then recharge the refrigerant to its proper level.
  • Motors wearing down: The blower motors in an AC will wear down over time because of dirt or insufficient lubrication. If caught soon enough, the motors will receive cleaning and new lubrication to keep them running. Sometimes, the technician will need to arrange repairs to replace a motor that is too worn.

Don’t wait to have maintenance done

The longer you delay maintenance, the more problems your air conditioner can develop. Don’t procrastinate until the summer heat arrives: call SPS Mechanical Inc. and ask about our Total Maintenance Solution program today. We can handle your needs for air conditioning maintenance in Gloucester County so you’ll have a cool, comfortable summer.

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