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Maintaining Effective Air Conditioning in Sicklerville, NJ

Residents of Sicklerville, NJ know how important it is to maintain effective air conditioning. Western New Jersey experiences high humidity levels in the summer, along with equally high temperatures. Air conditioning is far more than a luxury when the thermostat rises, but at the same time, prudent homeowners need to keep an eye on the bottom line. Maintaining effective air conditioning not only saves money on the electric bill, but does so without compromising on comfort levels during those hot New Jersey days.

Effective air conditioning starts with good maintenance. With regular “check-ups”, a professional technician can spot small leaks, worn parts and other wear-and-tear issues before they become big problems. Sealed leaks and tightened fittings keep the air flowing efficiently, while a routine cleaning service can keep various AC components free of dust and dirt. On a simpler level, you can change used air filters on your air conditioning yourself, which keeps it clean and prevents a build-up of dust and particles on the filters. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can increase your unit’s energy efficiency by up to 15% simply with routine filter changes.

If your air conditioning unit is older and struggles to perform effectively, you may want to consider replacing it. Newer models can function much more efficiently than older ones, both because they haven’t suffered as much wear and tear and because they take advantage of newer and more efficient technology. Look for models with the Energy Star label, those that meet the stringent energy efficiency standards set forth by the EPA. Depending on the kind of home you have, you may also want to think about a two-stage air conditioning unit, which uses less power on mild days, or a ductless AC system which can be more efficient than a central system in smaller homes.

Regardless of whether you want to replace your air conditioning or simply give your existing one a tune-up, it pays to consult a qualified expert. The technicians at SPS Mechanical are all NATE-certified and provide air conditioning services throughout the Sicklerville, NJ area. Contact us today to set up a maintenance service, or to discuss the installation of a new unit. We’ll explain your options to you and ensure that the job is done right.

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