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Is This the Year to Install a New AC?

old-air-conditionerWinter is over, but we’re not rushing to switch on our air conditioners just yet. We’ve got a few more months to go before things start heating up.

However, running your air conditioner a few times before then isn’t such a bad idea. You’ll want to know what condition the system is in so that you can get it repaired if necessary (otherwise, you risk experiencing a break down right in the middle of summer).

Plus, if your AC happens to be older than ten years old, now will be the perfect time to look into replacement.

Why Think About AC Installation Now?

An unfortunate fact is that most homeowners have their air conditioners replaced during an emergency. This means that they waited until their AC broke down and were left with no other option. Typically, this occurs right in the middle of summer, when the AC was working its hardest to keep up with demands.

The problem is that these homeowners have little choice but to make a prompt decision. They aren’t granted the time to weigh their options, to compare pros and cons, or to set aside a budget for a high-efficiency unit.

By thinking about AC replacement and installation early, you’ll be able to go over all your options and find the system that’s truly the best for your needs. Right before summer is the perfect time to start that research.

How Do I Know My AC Needs Replacement?

Of course, there’s no need to dive into all that research if your AC isn’t even close to needing replacement. Here’s how to tell that it’s time:

  • Your AC is over ten years old: While ten years old is still early for an AC, it’s about this time that they begin showing signs of age.
  • You’ve been calling in for repairs frequently: Calling in for repairs year after year is not normal. If this is the case with your AC, it’s a sign that it might need replacement.
  • It’s not cooling like it used to: Trust your gut on this one. If the AC is taking longer than normal to cool your home—and costing more money just to do so—then you might have a declining AC.

However, don’t go rushing to get a replacement just because your AC shows one of these signs. You’ll want to wait until the AC displays two or all three of these signs together before suspecting that replacement is nigh.

What Are My Options?

There are several options for air conditioning replacements. Rather than looking at which system is “the best,” it’s more important to think about your needs and then to find a system that fits the description. For example, some homeowners will continue to use central air conditioners because they’re already compatible with their homes. On the other hand, those who want versatility may go with a heat pump, since they can be used as either a heater or an AC.

We suggest making these decisions with a qualified expert of AC installation in Deptford Township. They’ll be able to find a system that works for you, based on your needs and budget.

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. today to speak with an expert. Comfort At Your Service.

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