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Is an AC Upgrade Worth It?

That’s a good question, but it depends heavily on a lot of different factors. First, we need to talk about what exactly an “upgrade” means, since colloquially it means different things to different people. Second, we need to talk about how much something would have to cost before it’s not “worth it” anymore. And thirdly, we need to talk about specific situations in which the upgrade might save you money.

We’ll go over all of these points today, but the most important takeaway to get from this blog post is that we can walk you through upgrading your AC in Woolwich Township. All you need to do is give us a call and tell us about your situation, and we’ll give you a professional opinion.

However, for everyone else that wants to do a bit of background research before they make such an important decision, you can keep reading.

What Does an Upgrade Mean?

Upgrades mean a lot of different things to different people. To some tech enthusiasts, an upgrade means some kind of system that works better and more efficiently than its predecessor. Many people upgrade their computers every year to keep up with current technology demands.

Other people consider an upgrade to be any purchase that improves your life in some kind of category. Whether it be comfort, convenience, efficiency, or happiness, this can constitute an upgrade of your life.

All of those points should be taken into consideration when you consider replacing your old air conditioner with an upgrade. Is your current system making you unhappy? Is it running inefficiently? Perhaps it’s 10 years old? These are all problems that can cause someone to stress over their comfort, and a replacement can absolutely be the key to success.

When Might an Upgrade Be Worth the Investment?

There are many different things that would call for an upgrade, but we’ll talk about some of the most common. For starters, an old or outdated system should be upgraded. Especially if your air conditioner is 10-15 years old, it’s not going to last much longer.

If your AC runs on an old type of refrigerant like Freon, or it’s constantly running into problems, you could see a huge boon to your quality of life with a system upgrade.

Special Considerations to Make

An AC upgrade might not necessarily be your ticket out of discomfort or inefficiency, but other upgrades could. For instance, if you’ve got a relatively new air conditioner but it’s coupled with an old and outdated thermostat, or even an analog thermostat, then you could consider upgrading the thermostat instead of the AC. Remember, all of these parts work together, so it’s vital that you make sure none of your HVAC parts are out of date.

For instance, a brand-new air conditioner is not going to be able to be much of an upgrade if your air ducts are in poor shape. Consider upgrading the oldest part of your comfort system first before you go ahead with such a cost-intensive solution.

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