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HVAC Tips: How to Choose a Contractor

Forgive us if we might be biased in answering this question, but we think we’ve got some insight to share. We get questions about this all the time, and it’s important that we be honest with our customers, our neighbors, and our friends and family. Choosing a contractor for HVAC service is hard, and unless you ask the right questions or search for the right team, you might be left in the dust with a subpar repair that makes you unhappy.

Sure, we might believe that we’re the best team to call for HVAC in Deptford Township, but it doesn’t really matter what we believe. It’s what customers believe and think. When you look at our reviews and how our business’s reputation has developed, it’s not hard to see.

So, we hope you’ll join us as we talk about some of the best ways to differentiate the bad, the good, and the best HVAC professionals you can hire.

Customer Service

Let’s start with the basics. Choosing which contractor you work with relies heavily on customer service. The easier it is to work with the team you’ve chosen, the more likely you are to stay with them over time. It’s pretty simple and that’s why we’ve decided to put it at the top of the list.

When you choose our team, for example, you get access to ten emergency service radio dispatchers, GPS-tracked service vehicles, and a team that is friendly and knowledgeable. Our technicians love answering questions, talking to homeowners about their specific needs, and learning more about the community. Seriously, call us up and let’s talk about how we can help.

Company Values

No customer service experience is complete without a set of company values. Every good, honest team of experts should function with a mission statement. Ours is the following:

SPS Mechanical Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest level of quality, technology, and service. We’re also committed to becoming a leader in the plumbing and HVAC industry by setting the highest standards for world-class performance and reliability in a local marketplace.

This dedication and commitment are present in every job we perform—period.

Experience in the Industry

Experience in the industry is vital. After all, a team could be as friendly and knowledgeable as possible, but they should never be at a loss when they see your equipment or unique home situation. We’re not big on just “trying things out” or “winging it,” because that’s usually a good way to see repairs crop up in the future.

We’ve been doing things by the book since 1987 back when we were Sal’s Plumbing Service, and we’ve only gotten more handy at mastering our craft ever since. We promise that we’ve seen the problem you’re dealing with and we know exactly how to handle it.

Helpful Solutions

An HVAC team shouldn’t just be a group of installers who set up your system and disappear. They should always stick around to help you with other solutions. This is what we call the “whole house” approach, where we help your whole home if it’s possible.

Make sure that you keep these standards fresh in your mind when looking for an HVAC contractor. Don’t compromise on any of these, because the safety and comfort of your home may depend on them.

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. for quality services. Comfort at your service!

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