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How to Stay Cool in Deptford Township, NJ

Deptford Township, NJ has high temperatures and humidity during the summer months, which makes a functioning air conditioning system absolutely essential. Moreover, your air conditioning system needs to function as efficiently as possible, so that you can cool your home and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures without facing a costly electric bill each month. Here are a few quick tips to help lower your energy bill.

  • A programmable thermostat: Shutting off the air conditioning when you’re away in the daytime makes a great way to save energy. The downside is that you may have to come home to a hot house that takes time to cool down. A programmable thermostat can get around that. With it, you can set your AC unit to switch on shortly before you come home, ensuring that your house is comfortable without wasting energy.
  • Routine maintenance: Air conditioning systems suffer from wear and tear just like any other appliance. Fittings become loose, parts wear out, filters need changing, and individual components may require replacement before they fail. A regularly scheduled maintenance inspection from a certified expert can help you spot problem areas before they start, as well as keeping refrigerant charged and other steps that maintain peak efficiency. Keep in mind that we’re currently running an $83 AC Tune-Up Special!
  • Insulation: If you use a central air conditioning system, make sure your ductwork has proper insulation. That keeps the cool air from warming up unduly and allows the AC unit to work with more efficiency. Insulation is especially important in areas of your home that might not be air conditioned, such as the attic.

SPS Mechanical Inc. is ready to assist you, and our Total Maintenance Solution program provides yearly service to keep your air conditioning system in peak form. Contact us today to set up an appointment and help keep those monthly electric bills under control.

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