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Does Your AC Need Fixing?

While the rest of the country might be pulling out the pumpkins and dusting off their heating systems, we’ve still got plenty of hot days ahead of us. We’re going to need our air conditioners, at least for the next few months. AC repairs might not be as high a priority for other areas of the nation as it is for us! That’s why we’ve decided to dive deep into the topic of air conditioning repair in Glassboro.

Take a quick stroll around your air conditioner while it’s running on a hot day. Do you notice anything peculiar? Is it grumbling and making uncomfortable noises? Is it giving you cool air that’s tainted with a foul odor? These are things you should take note of and call us to help fix.

It doesn’t matter if the heat of the summer is over. These problems will also likely get worse before next summer, so it’s really in your best interest to get in touch with us!

5 Reasons to Call Us for AC Repairs

Let’s keep this clear. There are unlimited reasons to call a professional for AC repairs, but we’ll keep this blog post readable by talking about five specific problems that warrant our help.

1. It’s Making Unusual Sounds

When you turn on your air conditioner, what does it sound like? Does it start clicking over and over again? Does it rumble or grind, making the sound of metal on metal? All of these signify a problem with your system that needs to be fixed by a professional.

The only thing you should ever realistically hear from your air conditioner is the single click of the system turning on and the gentle noise of air wafting from your vents. That’s it, anything more and you likely need some help.

2. It Runs Up the Bills

Compare your energy bills from previous years to your energy bill this year. If your brow begins to furrow because it looks like prices are increasing toward an unmanageable ceiling, then your AC is running inefficiently.

This can be a problem with maintenance or even a malfunctioning component. When you call our team, we can diagnose the particular issue and repair it to the best of our ability.

3. Foul Odors Permeate Your Home

Sometimes an air conditioner can have a clogged condensate drain, ice thawing on the coils, or some other problem with moisture. This ultimately leads to mold growth and a foul odor that could start wafting through your home.

If you notice a “dirty sock” smell coming from your vents, then you should call us for repairs!

4. It’s Barely Meeting Comfort Demands

If your AC has to bend over backward and charge you a ton of money just to reach 85°F on a hot day, then it’s likely not working properly. We can get things back into shape through targeted repairs designed to fix the underlying issue.

5. It’s Broken

Is your AC just broken? You can’t tell what else is wrong with it because it just won’t turn on at all! This sounds like the perfect job for our team. Regardless of how things got this way, we can help!

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. for comprehensive AC care. Comfort At Your Service.

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