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Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioner Before Summer?

As we move closer to summer, people are going to start getting their air conditioning systems ready for the daily stress of keeping their homes cool. For some people, though simple maintenance and repairs isn’t enough to counteract years of use. If your air conditioner is nearing the end of its life, you should probably replace it before it breaks down during a hot summer day. Read on for some of the signs that you need to replace your air conditioner before summer.

Operating Costs

The older an air conditioner gets, the more it wears down from years of normal use. As the system gets near the end of its life, it will become more and more inefficient. The system will have to operate for longer and longer in order to achieve the same temperature changes, which will cause your monthly bills to rise. If your monthly operating costs are rising for no apparent reason, it may mean that your air conditioner needs replacing.


The effects of wear and tear don’t stop at efficiency loss. Eventually, the parts in the system will wear out so much that they start to fail en masse. If you need to repair your air conditioner every few months, especially if it’s a different part that breaks each time, it’s a sure sign that you need a new system.


Air conditioners are manufactured to last around 20 years, after which point they start to develop problems like those listed above. If you really want to spend the money to upkeep it, you can probably keep it operating for another 20 years. It would be far easier and cheaper to just replace the system, though.

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