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Beat the Heat AND High Prices With Us

It’s no secret at this point that the HVAC industry is encountering some unprecedented price hikes for components and full system installations. As the pandemic starts to slow down, many—if not all—homeowners are making the decision to finally upgrade their home comfort system to better suit their needs.

If you’ve been in the market recently for a new air conditioner, your head is probably spinning with the thought of paying so much. You’ve probably even looked at certain HVAC amateurs who could install a system for a cheaper price, but you’re likely not getting the quality air conditioning service in Glassboro that you deserve. So, what’s the solution?

If you keep reading, we’ve got a quick guide on how to handle the current situation. We won’t charge you exorbitant prices unless it’s absolutely necessary, so the earlier you call us the better off you’ll be!

What’s Going On?

First, we need to talk about the situation. For many homeowners who don’t know, or who aren’t paying avid attention to the news (we don’t blame you), there’s a shortage in supply of HVAC equipment. Anything from whole new AC systems being manufactured, to the individual parts of an air conditioner, everything is in short supply which means that prices are starting to skyrocket.

You might have seen some pretty extraordinary prices while shopping for these models online, and it’s mainly because of this supply shortage.

How We Can Help

While many homeowners might think they need to avoid HVAC professionals during this price increase and supply shortage phenomenon, they’re actually falling into a trap.

Local professionals like the ones on our team can actually help you procure a system at a reasonable price, since we’ve usually got direct access to our manufacturing partners. We also have built a reputation of honesty, so we’re not in the business of lying to you for a quick sale. We’ll be honest and straightforward with you, as we schedule the right AC fit for your home on a schedule that works for both parties.

Call Us Early

The first and most helpful thing you can do in this situation is to call us early. The earlier, the better, because we have a dwindling inventory of parts and systems that we’re able to set up. Homeowners who are willing to plan their AC installation in advance will get access to these parts while homeowners looking for a last-minute system set up will be left out.

Schedule AC Maintenance

If your air conditioner isn’t necessarily ready for a whole system replacement, then perhaps just investing in our maintenance services could be the perfect solution to get you through this summer. After all, your AC might still be able to cool your home efficiently and effectively, so you might not need to pay more for a system installation yet.

Invest in AC Repair

If there’s something wrong with your old AC, it’s always a good idea to at least investigate what the problem is before looking into a full system replacement or component replacement. This might be a more affordable option, especially this year.

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. for quality AC services. Comfort at your service.

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